Feeling a little guilty

Feeling a little guilty

This is how I feel when I go to town enjoying more than one slice of pizza. It’s just too good!!


If eating healthy means enjoying some great looking pizza like this…count me in!!

The Hungry Athlete

I am the social athlete.  I never turn down an opportunity to have a meal with my fellow athlete friends.  Last week I had the pleasure of dining with 4 other fellow female Ironman triathletes, two were racing a 50K marathon in the next 48 hours and I was racing a half marathon in the next 72 hours.  Our carbo-loading meal was a fabulous Pear and Goat Cheese Pizza.  It was so good, I was still thinking about it this week and decided to make it.

Since I’m the busy every day athlete, with competing fulltime responsibilities like everyone else, I take cooking shortcuts every chance I get.  The big time saver for this recipe is buying the pizza dough.  These days you can find a variety of pizza dough in your local supermarket’s freezer.  I decided to buy whole wheat dough, but you can also use multi-grain or traditional…

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This sounds like a spectacular idea and I’d love to make my own creation of pizza quesadillas!!!

Nailed It/Failed It

The husband and I have been working together since October which means gone are the days where I’m making dinner for one. It’s nice because a) I actually get to spend time with him now and b) I tend to not eat as much crap/random combinations for dinner. However, every once in awhile, he’ll have a meeting or event that means he’ll miss dinner. For the most part, I stick to solid choices on those nights because, let’s be honest, food regret’s the worst. But sometimes a somewhat questionable choice is all I’m interested in.

Nailed It/Failed It: Pizza Quesadillas


Nailed it. Holy deliciousness. This sucker is everything you want in a pizza with about a quarter of the work. Pretty sure I could have eaten two, but I also wanted to still fit in my pants the next day.


I used whole wheat tortillas, turkey pepperoni, leftover marinara, and mozzarella. I did…

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Pizza Hut Perfume

Pizza Hut Perfume

This is outrageous! You may love the smell of pizza but now they want you to smell like pizza. I’m sorry but no way Jose! No guy, girl, person would ever want to come over to talk to me if i smelled like greasy pizza. Yes, companies make perfumes that smell like fruit, flowers, and some food-like flavors but not fast food. I’ll be the first to say it, this is not gonna last long!